Agulhas e Acessórios de Tricot | Knitting Needles and Accessories

Conjunto Starter Bamboo KnitPro

Maçãs d'Amor | tecidos e lãs online


Agulhas intercambiaveis em bambu japonês de alta qualidade.

este conjunto inclui:

5 pares de agulhas e acessórios.

3.00mm (US 3)
3.50mm (US 4)
4.00mm (US 6)
4.50mm (US 7)
5.00mm (US 8)

Com um estojo verde
3 Cabos (60cm/24", 2 of 80cm/32'' & 100cm/40'')
6 bloqueadores
3 chaves para cabos
1 conjunto de extensores.


Made from the finest quality Japanese bamboo

An ideal Set for any knitter – beginner or experienced
Easy to connect cable with perfectly smooth join that enables stitches to glide easily - no snag!
24 Karat gold plated ferrules and connectors
Perfect points, flawlessly tapered – ideal for all yarns and every project
Packed in a beautiful Green fabric case with see-through front flap for easy organization and convenient storage

Set of 5 pairs of needles & accessories

3.00mm (US 3)
3.50mm (US 4)
4.00mm (US 6)
4.50mm (US 7)
5.00mm (US 8)
in Green fabric case
3 Cables (60cm/24", 2 of 80cm/32'' & 100cm/40'')
6 End caps
3 Cable keys
1 Set of cable connectors
Set of 10 Bamboo Interchangeable Circular Needles (5 sizes – 2 needle tips in each size) packed in Green fabric case with see through vinyl

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