Eponine - voile de algodão

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Eponine - voile de algodão

Designer: Amy Siinibaldi

Coleção: Paperie

Fabricado por: Art Gallery

Tecido 100% voile de algodão

Largura:  106cm

Tipo de tecido: Voile de algodão, perfeito para roupa de bebé,  vestidos, etc...

Lavar na máquina com água até 30ºC.

Este tecido é vendido em unidades de 50cm. Caso pretenda comprar um metro de tecido deve inserir 2 unidades. Ex: 1m = 2 unidades.

Amy’s love for books, not only for the stories, the wonderful words, and the faraway places, but in the look of the book themselves, was her inspiration for this Limited Edition collection. The art within, the covers and the gorgeous end papers are the essence of Paperie, which was written on fabric with romantic shades of pink, subtle greys and a hint of royal blue.
100% Premium Cotton voile

1 unit= 50cm; More than 1 unit will be cut continuously, as 1 piece only.

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